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Denise Souraj-Ramjohn (Dec. 22, 2009):

Our trip to Oahu was all about Lost. I am a huge fan and my husband tolerated my obsession enough to join me on several current filming location searches and two KOS Tours. We did a 10-hour circle island tour and then a 2-hour tour of Kualoa Ranch the next day.

On both tours, Jeff was our driver, tour guide, director for the perfect pictures, and story teller, recreating the settings and activating our imaginations, all while maintaining great respect for the filming locations, most of which were on private property. His knowledge extended much further than reciting a rehearsed script for each location. He turned every stop into an interactive activity. If we weren’t interested in a place, we moved on. If we wanted to play, we got out and reenacted a scene from the show. Jeff made our journey around Oahu into an exciting trip to THE Island.

I highly recommend a tour. You can go see the filming sites on your own, but many don’t look like they do in the show, so, you may not know exactly what you are looking for. Having someone like Jeff from Kos Tours, who had screen shots and clips from the show, and who knew how to describe the scene so that even my non-Lost-obsessed husband could enjoy it, was priceless

Michelle Ciorra (Dec. 20, 2009):

I took the Hawaiian Escapades 8hr Lost tour just a couple weeks ago. I thought it was great. It was my first and only tour so nothing to compare it to. It was Dec 5th a Saturday so unfortunately no filming going on, but being that close to the locations and seeing the sets was so was great anyway. We had a full van of 6 plus we road in tandem with another full van. So two guides and 12 fans. The vans were great. Very comfortable. The guides were good too. No complaints. We saw so many filming sites and stopped for pics. Oxford U, Santa Rosa, Plane wreckage site, where Jin and Sun got married, otherville, Africa, beach camp site, eko’s church, grave site, the jungle where the big trees are located that everyone hid from smokey, the dock, marina, where Locke fell out of bldg, where Jin met Sun, Sydney airport, I could go on and on…. we stopped for lunch at the shrimp truck…It was very good. We even saw the North shore and learned info about the island. Our tour guide also filled us in on other tours recently where they saw filming and gave us some spoilerish info which we all welcomed. We had a full day. Ran until 5pm. I was exhausted by the end. Never a dull moment for the true Lost fans. I recommend this tour for all true fans. You will have fun and be informed.

Christine Meissner (Dec. 18, 2009):

First let me say that if you are going to Oahu and want the ultimate Lost tour book with KOS and you can do that directly. I booked with Big Kahuna which was fine but I had no idea my tours were with different companies.

I am a Lost fanatic. The reason I went to Oahu was to get Lost and I sure did. I took the 5 hr hummer tour with Kos and I had a fantastic time. It was actually the highlight of the entire trip. Our guide was Matthew. He is also a lost fan and very knowledgeable about the show. We spent lots of time in Kualoa Valley and saw the Jughead site, Hurley’s golf course, the spot where Anna Lucia and Goodwin sat, and the list goes on and on. Matthew played the Lost soundtrack for us as well. Let me say that just added so much to the tour. The entire Kos tour company is completely professional and personable at the same time. I highly recommend Kos, you won’t be disappointed.

I also took the Hawaiian Escapades 8 hr tour. Our guide, who will remain nameless, was not very professional, didn’t seem much of a fan and misquoted so many scenes and names of the characters. This might not be a problem for some Lost fans but it sure was for me. Maybe it was bothersome since we had already taken the Kos tour and had high expectations and sorry to say they didn’t come close. We did however see tons of filming sights although I wished our driver would have taken into consideration that it would have been nice to stop more often and get more pictures. The tour ended up 45 minutes short which the time could have been better spent taking those pictures.

All in all it was a fantastic 13 hrs of LOST.

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