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LostLocations.com is an attempt to update the “LOST Filming Locations” list that was compiled for “The Transmission,” a podcast dedicated to the show that my wife and I have produced since 2005.

The original list was text only, so it will take me a while to flesh location pages out with photos, maps, and links. In the mean time, you can browse my old “LOST” location photo gallery, and my current set of “LOST” photos on Flickr.

LostLocations.com is not an exhaustive directory of “LOST” locations, but rather a guide to spots that I felt were worthy of comment or that have been of particular interest to “LOST” fans visiting Hawaii. See some of the links at the bottom of the page for other great resources.

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LostLocations.com is brought to you by the unending geekery of Ryan Kawailani Ozawa. Comments? Questions? Send an e-mail to editor@lostlocations.com. This website is not affiliated with “LOST,” ABC Studios, or any official copyright or other rights holder for the show.

"LOST" Filming Locations in Hawaii.