Waipahu High School

The high school where Locke worked as a substitute teacher and met Ben off-island (“The Substitute,” Ep. 6×04) is Waipahu High School (94-1211 Farrington Highway). We later learn that Dr. Arzt is a science teacher and Alex is a student at the same school (“Dr. Linus,” Ep. 6×07). They used the outdoor halls, gym, a classroom and teachers’ lounge.



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Map Coordinates: 21.388213, -157.993092

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Image copyright ABC Studios. Courtesy Lost-Media.com.

3 thoughts on “Waipahu High School”

  1. Can you please tell me the location of the cliffs where Not-Locke and Sawyer climb down and enter the cave?

    Love your website !!


  2. The cliffs are “China Walls” in East Honolulu, obviously digitally enhanced. And yes, the Navy homeports several battleships, destroyers, and other vessels in Pearl Harbor.

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