Rehab Hospital of the Pacific

The hospital that was the nexus of several storylines in the flash-sideways in Season 6 was the Nuuanu location of the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific (226 North Kuakini Street). Jack and Juliet worked there, and patients included Claire, Locke, Sun, and Sayid’s brother. Visitors included Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Nadia, Helen, and David. The location was also used to portray the care home where Anthony Cooper lived (“The Candidate, Ep. 6×14).

Note that the hospitals seen early in Season 6 were other locations. Kate originally brings Kate to Hawaii Medical Center West (“What Kate Does,” Ep. 6×03), and Sayid and Nadia visit Omer at Hawaii Medical Center East (“Sundown,” Ep. 6×06).



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