Makua Beach

The second to the last stretch of sand before Kaena Point, near the end of Farrington Highway on the westernmost edge of O‘ahu, Makua Beach is among the most remote locations used by “LOST.” It’s where the base of Jacob’s statue was built (“The Incident,” Ep. 5×16, “LA X,” Ep. 6×01). The rocky outcrop is known as Pōhaku Kula‘ila‘i, a sacred spot in Hawaiian lore, and also as “Pray for Sex” rock.


Makua Beach on LOST

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Map: 21.526746, -158.229252

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3 thoughts on “Makua Beach”

  1. Sorry, Franci, it’s not. I took the photos while they were filming out there, but they set up and break down the temple structure each time.

  2. They set the base up in the morning and tear down by night. The area this is filmed at is also near a lot of homeless and not a good area to be in at night, so they tear down to avoid vandalism. I got some photos from far off in August while vacationing.

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