Kaaawa Valley

The broad, majestic Ko’olau mountain ridge seen in a memorable wide shot in the pilot episode (“Pilot,” Ep. 1×01) is viewed from Ka’a’awa Valley, also known as Kualoa Valley. The same view is revisited during the conversation between Jacob and the Man in Black during Season Six (“Ab Aeterno,” Ep. 6×09). The valley contains a number of iconic “LOST” locations.

Ka’a’awa Valley was also used to film:

  • Hurley’s golf course (“Solitary,” Ep. 1×09).
  • The spot where Ana Lucia confronts and kills Goodwin (“The Other 48 Days,” Ep. 2×07).
  • The hilly field where Hurley, Sawyer and Jin took a joyride in the DHARMA van (“Tricia Tanaka is Dead,” Ep. 3×10).
  • The area where Richard and his wife lived in the Canary Islands in 1867 (“Ab Aeterno,” Ep. 6×09).

The valley is not open to the public, but is accessible via KOS Tours.


Season Six

Location Photos

Richard and Isabella’s Home

Photos courtesy KOS Tours, Inc.


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Map Coordinates (Entrance): 21.535706, -157.839836

Google Street View

Private property. No public access. Thanks to Wopsican for some of the details for this location. Episode images copyright ABC Studios, courtesy GetLostPodcastMedia.com.

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