Honolulu International Airport

The bustling arrivals and baggage claim area of Los Angeles International Airport was filmed at the Honolulu International Airport, in and around Baggage Claim F (lower level, east end). This includes the small office where Jack and Locke meet, the tunnel and skylight Kate sees as she flees the building, and the pickup area where Kate jumps into Claire’s taxi cab. Note that the customs station where Jin and Sun are stopped is a different location.



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Map Coordinates: 21.332483, -157.919134


Image copyright ABC Studios. Courtesy Lost-Media.com.

2 thoughts on “Honolulu International Airport”

  1. I was at the airport when they were filming Season 6 Episode 11″Happily Ever After”
    People were confused to tired to ride the yellow cabs and sit down on the set of banches, so the staff stopped them, so funny;p

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